Professional Radio Communications Marine ICOM IC-M73E



Slim, Stylish, Powerful VHF with Professional Features


IPX8 Advanced Waterproofing
The IC-M73EURO maintains our highest level of waterproof protection, delivering unparalleled durability. This radio has undergone rigorous testing and has proven its ability to survive being submerged in water up to a depth of 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) for 30 minutes.


Slim, Hourglass Body Wide Viewing Angle LCD
The IC-M73EURO features a sleek and ergonomic design that combines style with functionality. Its durable and rugged body ensures user-friendly operation and a long lifespan. The high-intensity LCD with a wide viewing angle provides bright and easily readable characters, enhancing the overall user experience.


700 mW Loud Audio
The IC-M73EURO utilizes a BTL (bridge-tied load) amplifier, effectively doubling the audio output for enhanced performance. Its internal speaker produces a powerful 700mW audio output, ensuring clear and loud sound quality.

AquaQuake™ Water Draining Function
The AquaQuake™ prevents audio degradation from a water-logged speaker. This function removes water from the speaker grill by vibrating the speaker cone. You can hear clear audio with this function.


6 W RF Output Power
The IC-M73's 6 Watts*1 of transmit power provides extended communication range for the user. A large capacity Lithium-Ion battery, BP-245H allows for 17 hours of operation, under normal conditions


Dualwatch and Tri-watch function
The Dualwatch and Tri-watch functions allow for periodic checking of Channel 16 while operating on another channel. This feature proves convenient when communicating with your friends' vessels or during sailing regattas, enabling you to make important announcements about the race.


Last Call Voice Recording
The last call voice recording function automatically saves the last incoming call for 1 minute. You can also start recording manually. You will not miss an important call.


Active Noise Cancelling Technology
The built-in bidirectional active noise cancelling reduces background noise to up to 90% and improves both your transmitted voice and incoming call. You will hear better and clearer!


Bass Boost Function
The signal processing technology emphasizes low-pitched sound to provide a rich bass sound for both transmit and receive signals.

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